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Dr. Lovejoy gives Yale Terry Lectures

Yale University asked Amazon Biodiversity Center founder Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy to give its annual Dwight H. Terry lectures. The Dwight H. Terry Lectureship "invites preeminent scholars in religion, the sciences and philosophy to address issues concerning the ways in which science and philosophy inform religion and religion is applied to human welfare." Watch them here:

"Professor Lovejoy explores the complexity of the relationship between people and the environment. Science illuminates the various ways in which we affect the environment, he says, and science can help us consider which ways might be more or less desirable."

"Professor Lovejoy tells the story of how science eventually tumbled into recognition of the conservation importance of habitat fragmentation."

"The challenge of climate change. How is it affecting the Emerald Planet? How much might be “too much”? Is the sixth extinction at hand? How can ecosystem restoration help us address climate change and how that might change our perceptions of how our planet works? And how it might best nurture human aspiration? What is the role of awe?"

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