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[VIDEO] Meet the students of the BDFFP

The Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP) is one of the longest projects assessing the impacts of human activities on the Amazon rainforest. Scientists on the BDFFP’s reserve near Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil study the Amazon rainforest’s wildlife, ecosystems, and effects of human development and climate change on them.

Since 1979, the BDFFP has trained more than 700 young scientists -- about half of who are from Brazil -- about the impacts of deforestation on wildlife and ecosystems. Generations of BDFFP students have gone on to become scientists, educators, leaders, and decision-makers with the know-how to inform public discussions about deforestation and preserving biological diversity. Filmmaker Matt Abeler produced a short video of what they have learned from the rainforest and what others can gain as well.

See the stunning footage here:


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