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Thomas Lovejoy: Fifty years in the Amazon

Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy was recently interviewed for Revisita Pesquisa FAPESP, the journal of Sao Paulo's science research institute. Reprinted below is the English version of the article. http://revistapesquisa.fapesp.br/en/2015/04/10/thomas-lovejoy-fifty-years-in-the-amazon/ Thomas Lovejoy: Fifty years in the Amazon American biologist heads groundbreaking project that has helped define the forest conservation areas MARIA GUIMARÃES and CARLOS FIORAVANTI | ED. 230 | APRIL 2015 Thomas Lovejoy looks equally at ease wearing clothing suitable for walking in the forest, or jackets and bowties in a variety of print patterns. That versatility signifies a rare ability to move between the jungle where

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