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Aerial photos of forest fragments and Camp 41

A recent visitor to the Amazon Biodiversity Center's Camp 41 took photographs using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, more popularly known as a drone). The Amazon Biodiversity Center's research reserve includes 70 study plots of fragmented forest. This is the 10 hectare fragment: Here is one of the 69 one-hectare forest fragments: Amazon Biodiversity Center staff last carried out a "re-isolation" of the study plots (pictured right) about four years ago in 2013 and 2014. While plant life has begun to fill the area around the fragments since then, the negative impacts of the deforestation continue for years and decades, as changes in light and wind penetration and ambient moisture levels, as

Photos of puma at our reserve!

A camera trap at our research reserve in the Amazon Rainforest north of Manaus, Brazil captured excellent photos of a beautiful puma in the wild. See for yourself!

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