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Camp 41

The Thomas Lovejoy Amazon Biodiversity Center's 620-square-mile research reserve north of Manaus, Brazil, has seven working camps that support scientists and students conducting field research on biological diversity and the impacts of forest fragmentation on that diversity.  One camp in particular -- Camp 41 -- has a special place in the hearts of travelers who were lucky enough to visit.  It is named Camp 41 because it is located at the 41st kilometer marker on the reserve road.

***For all inquiries regarding an on site visit, please email to obtain further information and guidance***

What is a trip to the Amazon Biodiversity Center's Camp 41 like? [video]


In June 2017, George Washington University's Planet Forward project sponsored a trip for winners of their Storyfest 2017 contest.  Dr. Lovejoy and ABC staff lead the group on a trip to Camp 41.  The student tripgoers wrote and published stories about their experience and what they learned about conservation, biological diversity, and the impacts of forest fragmentation.  Read their stories here.

Sounds around the camp. [video]

Sons da floresta tropical

Amazon forest fragments project senior ornithologist Mario Cohn-Haft shares the sound of the Coraya Wren at the project's research reserve with Camp 41 guests

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