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The Thomas Lovejoy Amazon Biodiversity Center is creating the scientific underpinning needed to increase the understanding of the importance of biodiversity and the impact of ecosystem fragmentation on biodiversity -- among members of global scientific community, among decision makers, and among the public.  Our project does this by facilitating scholarly research and training scientists:

Scholarly Articles: Since its inception, scientists conducting research at our research reserve have published more than 700+ articles in scholarly journals.

Conservation Research Fellows: In 2015, a fellowship program was launched to support the research of select Masters and Ph.D. candidates at the forest fragments project.  To date, we have funded 24+ young scientists to conduct their research on their theses. 

The Thomas Lovejoy Amazon Biodiversity Center runs a separate and very active Portuguese-language website primarily for Brazilian researchers.  Visit that website here:

What is the significance of focusing on biodiversity?

ABC founder Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy at the Convention on Biological Diversity's 11th Council of Parties (COP11) explains that the consequences of even two degrees of global warming would be devastating for many ecosystems, as well as his vision for a scheme of 'planetary restoration' to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by 50 parts per million, comprising reforestation and altering agricultural practices so that they sequester carbon.

Amazon deforestation animation in Google Earth 1975 - 2009


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